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My Japan Obsession

My Japan Obssesive Community
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Hiya, world! I've decided to open this community in order to keep track of just what is happening with my favorite topics ever: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Anime, and J-pop/rock. Feel free to join and help me keep the world updated! ^^

~~ Rules ~~

>> Be nice! No flamming or being mean to people, that just isn't cool! Remember to respect other's likes and dislikes!<<

>>Have fun. This is a comm I made to keep everyone updated and to discuss anything and everything Japan<<

>>Keep on topic. Now. 'Japan' in pretty broad. Feel free to start rambling about anything from the culture to the food to the anime to the wonders of the music. Anything is welcome!<<

~~ End of Rules ~~


due to the fact that I have no members and am extraordinarily busy this thing is gonna be seeing an update in rather rare occasions... this suxs ;_; I need members!